Making our clients successful with our products and services is the single reason why we designed our diverse training programs.  Selecting the technology and defining the processes to support your business vision is only the beginning of a successful implementation.  Once the process has been completed, the day-to-day performance of your business systems is in the hands of a broad range of technical resources working throughout your organization. 

We use dedicated facilities and relevant tools in various aspects of information Technology and management to ensure that our customers enjoy their Information Technology investments. Our objective is to provide efficient corporate and end-user training at minimum cost to our clients.

The main objective of all our training programs is to provide maximum knowledge transfer and satisfaction that would guarantee effective production of all participants

Training Courses

Some of the areas in which Prosoft provides certification training includes:

  • Oracle Database 19c Administration
  • Oracle Database 19c Backup and Recovery
  • Oracle Database 19c SQL
  • Oracle Database 19c PL/SQL
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • OA Framework
  • Oracle Workflow
  • Oracle ADF
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Tools and Technology
  • Oracle E-Business Suite (Financials, HCM, Value Chain Planning, Procurement, CRM, etc)
  • Basic and Advanced Networking and Administration
  • UNIX/Linux/AIX/HP-UX System Administration
  • C# (Microsoft .NET)
  • JAVA (Spring, Apache, Cocoon, Google Web Toolkit, Aranea)
  • PHP
  • UNIX/Linux/AIX/HP-UX System Administration
  • C# (Microsoft .NET)
  • JAVA (Spring, Apache, Cocoon, Google Web Toolkit, Aranea)
  • PHP
  • Python (Gluon, Django, TurboGears)
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Nitro, Ramaze)
  • JavaScript and
  • CSS
  • C/C++
  • Object Pascal
  • Delphi
  • SOA
  • VMware
  • AWS Cloud
  • Cisco
  • Security

Prosoft provides training and education through several channels that ensure the best training method for each person: Instructor Led Training (ILT), Online Training, Technical Seminars, TUTOR and Web Based Training. The following is a high-level overview of the base components proposed for the successful training implementation of your technical and functional staff as well as your application community at large.

Prosoft Training & Education Consultant

The process of preparing and presenting training and education solutions to your functional and technical users is vital to their acceptance of new technology.  Most organizations don’t have the resources to adequately serve in this role during implementation.  Therefore, we propose a dedicated Prosoft Training & Education Consultant to manage your training requirements and deliverables.  This resource is accountable for the delivery of instructor and multi-media training programs.  The primary role of the Training & Education Consultant is to reduce the redundancy of activities by sharing information and to increase the quality of training by monitoring all training activities. 

Prosoft Public and Private Event: Instructor-Led Training

Prosoft offers training covering every facet of Networking, Cloud, Security, OS, VM and Oracle’s core technology and application product line.  Prosoft understands that Instructor-led training is still the most widely accepted and recommended learning method for those who require in-depth coverage and hands-on experience.   Our classes can be customized and conducted on-site at your location or may be conducted at one of our education centers if an on-site location is unavailable. We will train your network, database and system administrators as well as your project implementation team, for each of the various network, applications and development tools you have selected.   We provide suggestions for specific curriculum paths for your technical and developmental teams as well as for your application implementation team as part of our offering.

Professional Development Paths

Your company’s investment in technology products depends on the skills you’re IT Professionals are able to demonstrate every day. Prosoft’s Professional Development Paths lead your IT Professionals through the training they will need at each stage of their career. Starting from the fundamental skill level, participants will work their way through our certification preparation, and then become professionally certified by following our step-by-step path.


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