Executive Director, Business Strategy and Planning

Tajin Taire has proven strategic leadership in identifying products and markets, development strategies, feature offerings and execution planning. He provides business strategy and planning expertise across Prosoft’s portfolio of products and solutions offerings.

Working in over a dozen different industries in over six States of the Federation since returning to Nigeria, from education to Masters Degree level in the United Kingdom in 1994, Tajin has garnered invaluable experiences in the Nigerian public and private sector. His experiences span the Oil & Gas, Banking, Hospitality, Bulk Food Importation, Logistics, Cleaning & Maintenance, Financial Consulting, Information Communications Technology, Property Development, Construction and Project Design & Management sectors of the Nigerian economy.

After a stint at Societe Generale Bank, he spent two years 1996/98 as Community Development & Indigene Relations Officer of Serena David Dokubo & Associates, the leading law firm in P/H and Bonny in the Niger Delta at the time, where he sat on board and management meetings of client companies such as TSKJ, NLNG, Inter Oil Services, Marine Oil Services, Intel Services, Sirpi Alusteel, A. Micheletti & Co, and many more, on behalf of the firm and the communities within which these companies operated.

Between 1999 and 2001, he was appointed as Executive Consultant of Better Foods Ltd (a bulk importer of rice, urea fertilizer, tomato puree and other items) where he created, in the first twelve months, a twice-daily automated Sales Update & Outstanding Balance report for the Chairman CEO, creating also, new debt recovery and port offices, splitting sales and marketing department into research and operations units, re-organising warehousing and re-bagging for insurance, merging debt recovery and operations into a coordinated collaboration dealing with over 25 major distributors in Daleko in Isolo, Africa’s largest bulk food market, thereby increasing turnover to U.S $20m that year, from U.S $6m the previous year. Within this period, Tajin also setup a cleaning and maintenance services company, specializing primarily in high end solutions for the top four luxury hotels in the Nigerian market. Cleaning Maintenance Services Ltd was graded top of the biding process, organized by Accenture Nigeria, to manage the cleaning of over 450 First Bank of Nigeria Plc properties nationwide, beating the 10 largest cleaning companies in the country with a unique strategy to franchise the project appointment to young professional firms across the country as the only practicable solution. 

Afterwards, Tajin went on to join Security Support Services UK, a specialist on-premises security, Cash-In-Transit, and armored vehicle manufacturing firm of global repute, operating in on all continents, as Country Manager of the cash and currency management affiliate of the group, Sullivan Consulting International SCI, and in conjunction with Group 4 Security, then the second largest security company in the world, where he  handled a nine-month pathfinder consultancy for First Bank of Nigeria Plc, visiting more than 60 branches and working with the then MD of Group 4 and the former MD of Securicor, then the largest security company in the world. The project successfully presented to the bank a definitive solution to the colossal cost of cash management in the country.  Leading SCI, Tajin then went on to champion the successful effort to appraise the attempt to privatize the Nigerian Security Printing & Minting Company NSPMC, after consultations with several commercial bank CEOs and the then Governor of the Central Bank, before submitting a well received report to the President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Joining Prosofts’ board as Executive Director, Business Strategy & Planning in 2003, Tajin has been committed to spreading the ‘gospel’ of business process automation and integration amongst the entire gamut of public and private sector enterprises across the country. He applies his skills in technology gains’ marketing, change management, and an innate ability to place the right type of solutions on top of specific challenges, and has successfully opened up several prospects to Prosofts’ unique solutions. He is committed to bringing the vast experience and expertise of Prosoft technologists to bare on the ICT initiatives of client organizations.


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