Our engineers have years of expertise in managing, consulting, and implementing server solutions for a wide range of industries, having different server management requirements. You are guaranteed to get the following benefits from our services:


  • Regular Server optimization, data backup, and maintenance.


  • Regularly scheduled operating system and server upgrades


  • Server and software support for any use case scenarios to fit your specific business information technology requirements.


  • Real-Time Monitoring to proactively prevent issues that will affect business productivity.


  • Virtualization Technology implementation during your server planning phase to ensure maximum optimization by adequately compartmentalizing services and functionality.


We have a long history of supplying enterprise environments with hardware that we trust for enterprise class storage solutions, backup and recovery and enterprise class servers (Tower Servers, Rack Servers and Blade Servers).  We are backed with many years of experience supplying, installing and maintaining all the major server brands including the following:

Our specialists and engineers can help you define the specifications and source the hardware that meets your specific needs as well as define growth plans for the hardware that supports the growth of your business. Our certified engineers are ready to help you define the requirements, choose the most suitable solutions, procure the hardware, install, commission and support it.

Server Installation

Prosoft installs all the major server brands and provides support for every stage of a new server installation. Based on your requirements and budgets, we can plan out the right hardware and software solution for your organisation.

Every solution is carefully planned to meet your needs, timescales and budget. And with every project, we take the time to ensure that it works correctly for your business straight away.

Server Migration

Your server migration is in safe hands with Prosoft. We will guarantee the consultancy and expertise to get the most from your migration.

Whether you are changing to more powerful hardware or looking to switch over to a hosted server solution, our highly-experienced project team can oversee all elements of migration, from strategizing file migration to sourcing necessary hardware and licensing. They can even work out of hours or over weekends to eliminate disruption to your business.

Server Backup

Safeguard your business data by backing up your server with Prosoft’s cloud backup service.

With the advent of regulatory requirements relating to data and emails, data storage and offsite backup has become ever more critical. Our technicians can assess, design and implement the right policy for your environment based on hardware backup devices or remote backup.

With our managed service solution, we will even test your backup policy regularly, ensuring your compliance and peace of mind.

Server Hardware Procurement

Prosoft’s specialists can demystify the process of server hardware procurement. We will ensure you get the right IT equipment for your organization along with the right software to ensure your server installation runs as efficiently as possible.

Server Maintenance & Monitoring

Prosoft is the ideal partner to maintain your servers. Our qualified and dedicated infrastructure team monitor our customers’ servers 24/7, identifying and preventing issues from becoming big problems.


We also regularly undertake server patching and security checks, ensuring your server is up to date and protected against the latest threats. Prosoft’s server support aims to eliminate business downtime caused by IT infrastructure. So, if work needs to be done, we will complete this at a time that least impacts your organization.


And for added peace of mind, we can even undertake penetration and vulnerability testing to check the resilience of your setup.


Our server support covers:


  • Remote Support:To determine and isolate your server hardware malfunction, our engineers can provide a diagnostic over the phone. In some cases, through this diagnostic, we are able to provide solutions and repairs directly over the phone or through a remote channel.


  • Onsite Support: In cases where the hardware needs to be replaced or repaired in person, we schedule an on-site appointment to review, diagnosis, and recover your equipment.


  • Diagnostic / Repair: When your server is malfunctioning, the issue could be manifesting from a wide variety of hardware. Our team has the skills and the equipment to effectively diagnosis and repair your issues either remotely or on-site. This includes replacing, fixing, or providing recommendations for upgrades of equipment.


  • System Evaluation: To ensure your server hardware is working effectively for your company, our experienced team runs system evaluations. This determines any vulnerabilities or inefficiencies that you may be experiencing. With an understanding of the complexities of your server, we are able to work proactively, eliminating and fixing any malfunctions before they affect your server.


  • Emergency Services: We understand that technology does not always break down on your schedule. For after-hours server hardware emergencies, we provide you with 24/7 support.


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