Executive Director, Software Engineering & Development

Peter Hyacinth is a proven leader of Design and Development Teams, from product concept to delivery.  He has over twenty years of applications software analysis, design, development, implementation and support experience.

Peter’s experience include providing technical leadership and serving as strategic functional leader for development of software/data analytics products and services. Peter brings value through outstanding leadership and vision, technology driven engineering, distinctive innovation and building brilliant, highly successful products. He has spent several years as a development and implementation consultant in the management of banking and other commercial systems; and has lead software development and implementation teams, with emphasis on banking and financial systems and Internet Computing, in various countries including Nigeria, USA and Canada.

His skills include:

  • Languages include C, C++, C#, Intel Assembly (x86), Visual Basic (including VB.NET and VB scripting), Oracle, PHP, Unix(Shell Scripting), Python,Java and Javascript and a host of obsolete (yet fondly-remembered) languages.
  • Operating Environments include all the Microsoft Windows OS variants (from DOS/Windows 95/98/ME/NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows .NET Server 2003, Windows Vista, …, to Windows 10), UNIX/AIX/Linux. Expert experience with Internet/Intranet topology.
  • Web technologies including ASP & ASP.NET (including 2.0 since pre-alpha), PHP, Scripting models, HTML, XHTML, HTTP Protocols, XML, XSL, SOAP. Platforms include Microsoft IIS (up to current version 6.0) and Apache web servers, including ASP/ASP.NET, ISAPI Extensions and Filters and Module enhancements.
  • Microsoft .NET platform, including Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, C# programming language. Development platforms also include Windows Forms (including GDI+), Win32 API, MFC, ATL, COM, COM+, ActiveX, CDO. Working knowledge of .NET 3.0/3.5 (Windows Presentation Foundation).
  • Database experience including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. Functional experience creating database-integrated projects.
  • InstallShield Developer and Microsoft Installer experience, including InstallScript and direct editing of MSI databases.
  • Technical Writing, SDK documentation, sample applications with tutorials, technical white papers including technology comparisons and marketing position papers. Primary author of Wrox Press book on IIS 6.
  • Software Engineering expertice drawn from extensive experience in leading software and product development, from product conception to market, including conceptual design, product design, functional specification and development management.
  • Consulting and advising on development and technical strategy issues, anticipating markets and trends, and predicting technology paths related to market and business needs.
  • Hands-on leadership in all aspects of software design and development, from conceptual design through product delivery, adoption and usage.
  • Hands-on leadership in all aspects of analytic model design and development, from conceptual design through product delivery, adoption and usage 
  • Expertise in translating new concepts in software methodology into design guidance, developing long term strategy, and driving change and continuous improvement in design practices.
  • Exceptional leadership skills – with experience leading large global teams of Software and Analytics engineers
  • Leadership, strategic vision and proven experience building software and “as a service” delivery models. 
  • Excellent multi-generation segment technology planning and rationalization experience with an excellent understanding of product system architecture(s), platforms and core technologies


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