Prosoft offers server administration — a service that allows you to give up routine infrastructure management to our experts. The service includes full OS support at the platform level, as well as support of a range of databases and application servers.

Our system team has extensive expertise installing and supporting several flavors of Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems including the following:

We provide peace of mind to our clients who can rely on our system team’s expertise and experience when performing capacity and compatibility planning to ensure the success of their OS or Server refresh projects.

We assist clients in:

  • Installations – New operating system installation for new hardware are thoroughly tested for compatibility and industry standard compliance.
  • Upgrades – Legacy and current software upgrades to latest available versions according to specific change management controls or service level agreements.
  • Patching – Software and security patching on enterprise systems by certified experts.
  • Migrations – Complete end to end OS and software migrations from legacy to new systems according to specific change management controls or service level agreements.

8×5 and 24×7 OS support includes:

  • 10-minute engineer call back
  • OS recovery
  • Remote login and phone support
  • Remote assistance with OS updates
  • Volume management and filesystem troubleshooting
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Annual preventative maintenance
  • User account troubleshooting
  • Dedicated OS engineer.

Professional Services for your OS needs:

  • OS Backups
  • Server-side SAN filesystem configuration
  • OS upgrades & updates from customer supplied software
  • OS Recovery
  • Zone creation and virtualization
  • Security evaluation and hardening
  • Volume management and filesystem setup




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