Executive Director, Network & Telecoms Solutions

Helen is a specialist in the design and implementation of Country-wide Telecom infrastructure and eGovernment Networks for Federal, State and Local Governments. With over 21 years working experience and 19 years managerial experience, she is a seasoned and well respected Computer Engineer in ICT industry. 

Helen is currently Executive Director, Networking and Telecoms of Prosoft Technologies Limited. Her Career started in 1996 in United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc as network/ system engineer where she was instrumental in deploying the bank’s intranet and maintained the distributed networks in over 200 branches nationwide. In 1997 she was contracted to setup up Hyperia / Motophone ISP in collaboration with Omnes USA, after which she was moved up, the same year, to run the ISP as the Technical Manager. In 1998 she joined Cybercity Limited as AGM to set up and manage the company’s telecoms infrastructure which ballooned its parent company (SIOTEL) into one of Nigeria’s largest ISP and VSAT provider. In 1999 she was GM at Prodigy International, another ICT firm, where she was in charge of global field operations. 

In October, 2000 she joined Prosoft Technologies Limited, as an Independent Consultant. In a Prosoft joint partnership with a US based firm, Translational Computer Technology, under the UNDP Initiative for Africa, she was Project Manager/ Chief Technology Officer for the upgrade of Ethiopia Telecoms infrastructure and deployment of Ethiopia Internet Gateway Project as well as the Angola Telecom Internet Gateway Project. Under the same partnership she also deployed Wegagen Bank Nationwide Network in Ethiopia, Ethiopia Civil Aviation Network Infrastructure, and Lagos State Government Statewide network infrastructure. 

Other successfully completed projects includes Kwara State Government e-government infrastructure, Ondo State e-government Infrastructure. She was also instrumental in eLearning infrastructure planning and Design for the Nigerian National Open University and the ETF. In 2005 she became a partner in Prosoft Technologies and was appointed Executive Director, Network and Telecoms


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