Database Services

Since databases are such critical IT components of any business, it is crucial that the health and the performance of the databases are monitored round the clock and maintained so that they are functioning optimally (know what action to take and when to take it) and efficiently serve the business need.  

The growing demand for complex database support systems with multi-platform capability gives Prosoft the unique opportunity to offer cost effective and end-to-end database services. With its proven expertise in cutting edge Enterprise Solutions, Prosoft endeavors to be a leader in Database Solutions. The ability to ensure system uptime, performance and security with proven methodology and best practices helps Prosoft make the difference to its customers.  

Database Administration

  • Onsite and Remote DBA Services
  • Logical & Physical Database Design
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle database software on a variety of platforms
  • Oracle core products Installation and Configuration
  • Oracle Real Application
  • Clusters Administration
  • Oracle Data Guard Administration
  • Upgrades and Migrations of Oracle Software and Databases
  • Database tuning and administration
  • OS Monitoring and Tuning
  • Resource utilization analysis
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Backup and recovery implementations
  • Analysis of implemented backup strategy
  • Ongoing Backup and Recovery testing
  • Daily backup validation via monitoring
  • Security changes
  • Platform migration
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Service Request Management

- Monitoring & Maintenance

- Security Services

- Support Services

- Documentation & Reporting

- Backup & Recovery

- Performance Tuning-

Our Oracle Database Administration (DBA) team provides expertise in installations, upgrades, migrations, maintenance, performance tuning and production support for all versions of Oracle databases including 10g, 11g and 12c on all platforms of Sun, HP, AIX, Linux, DG, DEC, NCR, UNISYS and Microsoft.  Our DBAs are experienced with all Oracle technologies, including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Recovery Manager (RMAN), Cluster Ready Services (CRS), Grid, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Data Guard, and we offer comprehensive upgrade services for all Oracle database versions. We also provide end to end database migrating services when moving from other database ecosystems or legacy database infrastructures.

Database Migrations: Seamless migration from various database environment to an Oracle based ecosystem employing best practice data integrity checks and data recovery procedures and solutions.

Upgrades & Updates: Seamless upgrades to newer database versions as well as the delivery of performance or security updates in accordance with relevant change management or service level agreements.

Performance Upgrades/Tuning: Upgrades or certified performance tuning experts can increase database performance and possibly reduce overall operating costs..

Backup Solutions: Secure online or offline backups are made according to client or industry standards. Backups can be compressed, encrypted or stored in various storage mediums such as secured, vacuum sealed, tape or drive storage options.

Health Checks: To ensure minimum impact to your business, databases need constant monitoring and maintenance. Our team of experts regularly conduct health checks to ensure that your database environment is performing optimally at all times. Our DBA team collectively works with server and network teams to understand and plan necessary procedures and maintenance tasks so that there is a smooth operation of your database systems and business applications.

Pre-emptive Action: We monitor your databases round the clock and work on a proactive model where we are able to analyse patterns and take remedial actions before they become incidents. This will help in maximizing database availability to support your business needs. Our team conducts internal DB audits at acceptable frequencies and alert the stakeholders whenever needed. We also constantly make recommendation to our clients, based on the latest updates, vulnerabilities, the impact on DB environments and work with clients to

Database Infrastructure Services

  • Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)
  • Oracle Application Server Management Services
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Backup and Recovery
  • High Availability – Oracle RAC
  • Disaster Recovery – Oracle Data Guard
  • Storage Solutions (ASM, Cluster etc.)
  • Operating System Management (Linux/UNIX/Windows)
  • Server Environment Audits


Database Assessment Services

  • DB Environment Audit
  • Database Structure Profile
  • Database Health Check
  • DR readiness and Risks
  • Server/DB Vulnerability Reports
  • Server/DB Inventory
  • Storage Array Analysis
  • Change Management Policies
  • Security Audits & Implementation Technology roadmap

Database Lifecycle Management

Prosoft provides Database Lifecycle Management services for enterprise clients, delivering a full suite of end-to-end capabilities, ranging from design and development to support, monitoring, migration & tuning, along with infrastructure and disaster recovery services.

Prosoft is your partner in outcome. We engage with clients as a partner, stand by their side and help them achieve results. In the process, we are willing to the extra mile and make things happen. We are modelled to serve the need of the industry which includes onsite and offshore support.  

We assign right skill level DBA for the tasks at hand to get a quality output at acceptable cost. We are nimble and flexible to work with and more importantly, we are customer centric. Our deep technology expertise and experienced teams are committed to delivering success for our clients.

We also have capability in DBA services to support Enterprise software products like SAP and ORACLE EBS DB/DBA needs.

In-depth Analysis and Planning

We analyse your organization’s needs and recommend database requirements accordingly. We provide detailed technical recommendations including technical architecture, server requirements, network configuration parameters etc. to meet your exact business needs.

Comprehensive Design

We design (including conceptual, logical and physical design) and deploy databases. This includes relation schemas, entity-relationship modelling and everything else that is required to make your databases as sturdy and reliable as possible

Decommissioning of Database

We work with clients to strategize and execute decommission policies and come up with SOP for decommissioning databases. This helps to reallocate resources while adhering to company norms and compliance requirements.

Performance Tuning

We perform regular database heath checks to ensure that your databases are functioning optimally. We monitor key database parameters and usage proactively and work with the Application / Server / Network and Storage team for continuous performance improvements. This means reduced downtime due to performance issues and faster resolution on incidents (in case of any).

Database Security

We recommend, plan and implement database security policies to meet business requirements and as well to meet the regulatory and audit compliance needs. We also generate regular database reports on security aspects to the stakeholders. We have deep knowledge in handling database encryptions at various levels to protect business confidential data sets and undertake personal records (PI data) management.


In order to reduce risks due to human errors and improve efficiency, we automate many ongoing maintenance tasks and also create / setup alert mechanisms if there is a need for intervention. Automation includes compliance checks, monitoring activities, data access breaches, backups, Creating SOPs and standard scripts for your environments.

Stress Testing

To ensure the scalability and durability of your databases, we perform stress-testing. By doing this, we are able to identify shortcomings and potential snags even before we take the system online.

Compliance Audits

We perform regular compliance audits to ensure that all data storage rules and regulations are being adhered to, including data access polices and necessary log creation activities to avoid any unforeseen compliance hurdles in the future. This also helps in monitoring and analysing any threat to the business data.

Database Performance Tuning

Database tuning is a specialized set of skills and requires comprehensive knowledge that comes only with experience. It is imperative that the task of performance tuning is given to someone who understands the ins and outs of database environments, configuration and usages within a variety of intricate IT environments in tune with your business functions.

We have experts in the field of Database Performance Tuning. Through our service, your organization will not only benefit from proactive tuning but also will receive ongoing support, test and implement tuning changes to your database environment to ensure the optimal functioning of your organization.

End-to-end capability: We perform end-to-end Application Performance analysis and Tuning activities. As performance tuning process needs a deep understanding of Application(s), technology, Database and Infrastructure to find the bottle neck and remove them for higher performance.

We deploy tuning experts who understand all aspects and work with Application team, DBAs and Infrastructure team to provide solutions. Organisations with large transaction volume in their business get benefitted the most by tuning their DBs/Applications.

Proactive Tuning: This comprehensive tuning process incorporates database utilization, license optimization, ETL loading, clustering, log shipping, replication jobs or preproduction work that will ensure the smooth functioning of your database environment. Some of the key parameters that can be optimized with proactive tuning are:

  • CPU Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Memory Utilization (OS & Database)
  • SQL performance
  • Database object fragmentation
  • Error Log Activity

Database Health Assessment

In order to keep your databases functioning optimally, it is important to conduct regular assessments and perform corrective measures. Our team of DBA experts will help you assess any or all of your databases need maintenance steps.

Prosoft’s Database Health Assessment service will conduct a detailed analysis of your database environments and will provide key insights, short and long term database recommendations, optimization opportunities and information on alternative approaches to your database environment(s).

Our Database Health Check Services includes checking:

  • Database Server configuration on utilization of CPU, memory and disks
  • Database parameter settings
  • Database backup settings
  • Internal database statistics and database resource utilization
  • Database and Server logs for sporadic or recurring errors
  • Identifying the performance bottle necks, root cause and remediation steps

Database Projects

Prosoft executes Database Projects to meet your business needs. We have the right skills and expertise to get database projects as per client requirements, completed on time and within the allocated budget.

Database projects are unique and require an in-depth understanding of database environments and the project requirements. We have extensive experience in handling small to large projects from end-to-end, including supporting application development DB design aspects.

Database Upgrades / Migrations

Our team helps organizations in creating a migration & upgrade strategies and plans. Our plans consider all the steps in the migration & upgrade process and are designed specifically to your organization’s needs. We use time tested best practices and deploy standard sets of scripts and tools to execute efficiently and thus minimize any chances of error. Our expertise in this space allows us to provide enhanced availability, reliability, scalability and cost efficiency to our clients. We also help our clients in cross-platform database migrations.

Database Installations / Patching

We have vast experience in new database installations and patching of various databases / versions. As part of the overall engagement we advise our clients in various patch requirements. We follow documented processes to ensure that installation and patching is done as per guidelines to reduce the risk and ensure that the process becomes repeatable and less time consuming.

Database Auditing

Data is one of the most critical assets of any organization. To protect & manage the data, we assist organizations in auditing databases and work to close any actionable items to reduce or nullify risks. We implement tools on databases to detect, alert and prevent unauthorized attempts to access databases and data. Engagement generally includes analysis and production of databases, provision of recommendations, comprehensive reports and preventive action plans.

Performance Tuning DBs / Applications

We perform end-to-end application performance analysis and tuning activities. As performance tuning process needs a deep understanding of application(s), technology, database and infrastructure in order to find the bottle neck and remove them. We deploy tuning experts who understand all aspects and work with the application team, DBAs and infrastructure team to provide solutions. Organisations with large transaction volume in their business benefit the most by tuning their DBs / applications.

High Availability Databases – Design / Setup

We provide high-availability solutions to help organizations to increase database availability in case of hardware or software failures that would otherwise lead to unplanned business downtime. Our expert DBA team guides you in developing a unique database architecture built around your organization’s business requirements, giving back control over the database availability. High availability solutions allow the business owners to focus on business while uncertainties are handled at ease and no interruption to business.

Setup Disaster Recovery (DR)

We can setup reliable disaster recovery (DR) databases / sites as per business requirements. The DR setup implemented by our expert team ensures that the service is resumed within a very short period of time (SLAs as per the business requirement), with minimal or no data loss in the event of hardware and software failures.


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