With the explosion of cloud technologies available in the marketplace over the past decade, finding the right products, vendors, partners and configuration can be a daunting task for any business. Backed with cloud service experience, we help organizations to successfully transition to a multicloud environment with a comprehensive technical strategy, architecture and implementation plan.

Recognizing that the cloud journey for every enterprise is unique, Prosoft provides enterprises with a world of options, solutions, expertise and experience that can be tailored for their unique journeys and drive their cloud journey till the end. Whether your goal is to create a customer-centric enterprise, move to the cloud, gain data-driven intelligence, or establish IT-driven value creation services, Prosoft offers a wide range of solutions and services to make your digital business a success.

Our Cloud Services include the following:

Cloud Consulting

  • Cloud advisory services
  • Enterprise Cloud Strategy
  • Detailed assessment for baseline across Infra, Apps & Functions
  • Target State definition and Roadmap development
  • Business case creation and TCO
  • Technology architecture, Tool & Platforms recommendation

We can conduct cloud analysis of your business and potential vendors to help you determine which services are ideally suited for cloud delivery versus those you should handle onsite. We will assess business requirements and processes, potential vendors, the technology environment, impact to business, processes, and security and guide you towards setting up your IT environment.

Our Cloud Consulting Services can help you answer the following questions:

  • What is the right Cloud strategy and end state for our enterprise?
  • What is the best roadmap/how do we define a phased approach?
  • How can we set and achieve the right TCO goals?
  • What kind of ROI can we expect, across what time frame?
  • Which cloud computing technologies should we adopt and invest in?
  • How will our application landscape change? How can we prepare?

Cloud Design

  • Cloud services
  • Platform
  • Security
  • Application architecture design
  • Pilots

We understand that security, reliability, performance optimization, and cost effectiveness are what makes a difference between infrastructure and a well-architected infrastructure in cloud. By making use of best practices in the industry to design the solutions for Cloud migration and management, we build a strong framework that makes the transition to cloud-based architecture seamless. Once your business needs have been established, our Cloud Architecture Design Services helps deliver a customized business ready plan that integrates infrastructure and platform strategy, increased security and cyber resilience, and management models.

Cloud Implementation

  • App development
  • Cloud migration and modernization
  • Cloud computing platform implementation
  • SAAS services
  • Devops support
  • Service orchestration

We have experience setting up cloud services from scratch as well as migrating businesses off of on-premise setups to cloud-based options. If your business is looking to move on-premise infrastructure or applications to the cloud, we can ensure you approach your cloud migration with a comprehensive strategy, business impact analysis, best practices for deployment, a skilled migration team, and thorough testing. Migrating to the cloud can be a complex process. Our cloud experts can simplify and accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Prosoft’s Hybrid Cloud offering enables you to benefit from new cloud technologies to bring powerful improvements while optimizing your existing IT investment. With our hybrid cloud offering, you can dynamically orchestrate application workloads between the public and private cloud, and unify your underlying architecture with integrated processes, tools and comprehensive governance.

Cloud Platforms

Upon assessing our clients’ business requirements and making recommendations on the cloud platforms that will meets their unique requirements, we leverage their choice from our list of recommendations to provide best-in-class cloud solutions and services that will secure, optimize and speed their cloud migrations.

Some of the cloud platforms we have developed expertise on include the following:

Prosoft’s cloud service team develop roadmaps that enable customers to migrate to AWS, Google, Azure, IBM, Oracle, or Salesforce cloud. We bring the best cloud frameworks to fulfill client requirements and help them achieve their KPI’s.

We rapidly migrate any application to trusted cloud platforms and drive faster time to value. With a minimal IT staff and any, or a combination, of those cloud platforms, you can transform the way you do business — running your entire operation with the Cloud behind it. We leverage the cloud features the platforms provides to help your Organization migrate any workload to the cloud, thus transitioning to a secure, scalable, high-performance public cloud — quickly, easily, and with no interruption to your business operations.

“Prosoft’s fully certified Cloud Consultants will work with your team side-by-side to smoothly transition your organization to AWS, Google, Azure, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce or any other trusted cloud platform. They will help you fast-track your implementation, avoid common mistakes, use proven best practices, and maximize the return on your Cloud investment.”

Essentially, our migration services present you with cloud platforms that offer choice of deployment — private, public, and hybrid cloud options, with similar technology in each category and easy interchangeability among them.


Application Development and Testing

  • Move selected application development activities to the cloud
  • Choose the languages, tools, and open-source technologies you need
  • Gain versatile infrastructure options


Production Deployments

  • Move your entire environment to the cloud — IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Run Database, Applications, and middleware
  • Launch new apps in days rather than weeks
  • Enjoy unified management with complete visibility and control


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