Biometric Identification and Verification System

Prosoft provides offerings for biometric identification and verification for law enforcement and civil identity needs. Our solution supports fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition for large-scale biometric identification.


Face Recognition

Prosoft’s Biometric Identification and Verification System (ProBIVS) uses advanced facial recognition technology to measure and match the unique facial characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication. Often leveraging a digital or connected camera, ProBIVS can detect faces in images, quantify their features, and then match them against stored templates in a database.

ProBIVS facial recognition module:


  • Works precisely even on low-quality images
  • Recognizes faces in different positions or partially obscured by hair, hands, or objects
  • Works reliably with images made in subpar lighting conditions
  • Does face image quality assessment. A quality threshold can be used during face enrollment to ensure that only the qualified face template will be stored into database to decrease the effect of image quality on matching performance.
  • Seamlessly interfaces to mugshot systems, criminal history systems, etc.

Fingerprint Authentication

ProBIVS fingerprint identification module is empowered by a unique matching algorithm (i.e., the minutiae and relation method) that uses ridge counts and the relationship between minutiae to provide fast 1:n database searches for identification.

ProBIVS fingerprint identification module:

  • Can be used as a single system for all access control requirements on a site including doors
  • Distributes fingerprint templates from a central location to all of the relevant biometric devices. Enroll a user once
  • Works with a variety of connections like RS422, RS485 and ethernet.



  • Fingerprint identification
  • Positive Identification (PID)
  • Advanced processing for finger
  • Enhanced Search Sending to Other AFIS
  • Seamless interface to live scan units, mugshot systems, criminal history systems, etc

Iris Recognition

ProBIVS uses infrared technology to acquire images of the detail-rich, intricate structures of the iris, which are visible externally, regardless of a person’s eye color. ProBIVS iris recognition module provides exceptional accuracy and speed, and offers the quality and accuracy needed to capture and manage large numbers of iris images. The acquired data can be used for both registration and verification purposes. It provides a complete set of iris recognition related functions (enroll, verify and identify).


  • Highly accurate and fast, and boasts of having top-class precision.
  • Since the iris is different between the left and right eye, recognition can be performed separately by each eye.
  • Possible to distinguish twins.
  • As long as the eyes are exposed, iris recognition can be used even when the subject is wearing a hat, mask, eyeglasses or gloves.
  • Because of using an infrared camera, recognition is available even at night or in the dark.
  • Without the need to touch the device, contactless authentication is possible, making it hygienic to use.
  • Seamlessly interfaces to mugshot systems, criminal history systems, etc.

Upcoming Biometric Solutions by Prosoft

Prosoft’s Palmprint Recognition and Finger Vein Recognition solutions are still under development. The development of Voice Recognition and Ear Acoustic Authentication biometric solutions will follow upon the completion of our Palmprint Recognition and Finger Vein Recognition solutions.


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