Prosoft was founded in 1998 to provide a broad portfolio of IT solutions and services and has, over the years, earned an excellent reputation as a provider of innovative IT solutions and services to the Financial, Educational and Oil sectors as well as local, state and federal governments.

Prosoft continues to successfully expand its business relationships within the commercial and government market sectors and will continue to build upon its reputation of providing superior quality IT solutions and services on time and within budget. It is clearly Prosoft’s experience in the government arena that positioned it to be a formidable competitor in the commercial market sector. 

“Driving business and economic value to the bottom line can only come from knowledge and experience. With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in diverse technical and business fields, Prosoft delivers true end-to-end IT solutions and projects of any sizes and complexity – leveraging best practices, process transformation, best-of-breed tools and advanced technology integration.  With a perfect combination of strategy, high technology and powerful working potential, we deliver IT solutions and services that keep our customers and inspire their loyalty.”

Who We Are

We are an IT company that helps governments, institutions and businesses choose and implement innovation technologies that optimize their resources, deliver value to their customers, and increase their efficiency, profitability and agility. We are associated with successful implementations of numerous innovative IT solutions and projects for those organizations.

Prosoft is customer-centric, which means we strive to have an in-dept understanding of our customers’ pain points and requirements. From meeting technical requirements to aligning with customers’ strategies, Prosoft collaborates with industry customers to explore, and prepare them for the next big leap into, the intelligent future of business.

By collaborating with our customers, we strive to identify new ways IT can be integrated with core business scenarios in order to keep them agile to adapt to changing business landscapes or disruptive innovations.

Our partnerships with our customers are set about to achieve two goals. First is to help them solve today’s problems; and second is to enable them respond to the opportunity that is being presented for future business.

What We Do

How We Do It

We deliver quality in all our services. We provide true end-to-end solutions which give our customers unmatched quality and performance. When business processes gain in complexity, it takes our specialized expertise to integrate processes and solutions across application boundaries.

We employ professionals committed to creating and implementing innovative solutions that help transform businesses and are proud of our technical, functional and techno-functional consultants who enable us deploy high-quality IT solutions to meet the needs of clients. 

Our people are our most important asset as they are the ones who partner with clients to deliver solutions and results, while maintaining and enhancing positive relationships. They have diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and interests, but share a spirit of teamwork, a commitment to delivering quality results, and the desire to keep growing professionally.

Prime objectives of our Quality Assurance measures are:

  • Facilitate achievement of Customer satisfaction
  • Explore the possibility of improvement of all processes
  • Each of our projects is unique and professionally done because for us everything we do is a work of art.
  • We work individually with every customer to get to know each of them and understand their needs.
  • We thoroughly analyze every aspect of a client’s business and empower it with the right IT capabilities.

Our Values

  • Pursue excellence
  • Dedication to the success of each of our clients
  • Respect for the individual
  • An environment of trust and openness
  • Encourage initiative and enthusiasm
  • Skill building relationship across our organization


Our Principles

  • All the processes related to Project implementation and Support Services are thoroughly documented.
  • The Company’s Standards / Guidelines are followed to ensure consistency and standardization.
  • In order to ensure fostering of world-class quality in all our deliverables, Verification and Validation activities are performed at various stages throughout a Project implementation.

Our Vision

To be your preferred global IT partner for innovative solutions and services

Our Mission

To support our clients in their digital transformations, and to continuously explore new ways technology can be integrated with core business scenarios to keep them agile to adapt to, and take the next big leap into, the intelligent future of business technology.

The extensiveness and exceptional quality of our solution and service offerings are brought about by strategic alliances with leading technology vendors and system integrators. Through these partnerships we are able to deliver industry-best end-to-end solutions to our customers

Our Partners

Our Clients

Our Former Clients


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